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2007年11 月28日 (水)

Tiny SVG Base Map content

To demonstrate the functionality of SVG Map Toolkit, we prepared a tiny base map. Please access following URL by using PC in which SVG Map Toolkit is installed.


This map is made by converting many kinds of data into SVG Map.  At present, the data that this map used are WCL, VMAP0, VMAP1, Global Map, and denshi-kokudo (Japan map 1:25,000 published from GSI).

In addition, there is the key feature that a free scrolling by using mosaic (tiled) maps and a free zooming by switching maps according to the scale can be achieved though it is static data.  That is, SVG Map doesn't basically require an proprietary and heavvvy server side implementation such as WMS. So, we are aiming at the achievement of the more lightweight and versatile map platform that can even be operated at the standalone environment. These features are achieved by SVG Map profile supported by SVG Map Toolkit.

Because they are static files, its simple and flexible mechanism will be able to be understood by comprehending the source code of map data.

  • a. "this product was developed using materials from the United States National Imagery and Mapping Agency and are reproduced with permission",
  • b. "this product has neither been endorsed nor authorized by the United States National Imagery and Mapping Agency or the United States Department of Defense".



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